Quite a while ago now, I had a dream. There isn’t anything unusual about that in and of itself – I have dreams every night and I almost always remember them – but this one shook me to my very core. I don’t know how many weeks it’s been now – perhaps even months – but the dream about Kaji still bothers me. Never has any dream haunted me for so long. I have a friend who has been gifted in the understanding of many mysteries, and he frequently is given the meanings and reasons for dreams. I often tell him my dreams because I tell them to everyone who will listen. Sometimes, he only listens. Sometimes, he says not to worry about it because it has no significant meaning. Sometimes, he inquires of the Lord and the Lord will answer him. He said that Kaji means something very important (which brings me to an even greater disturbance), but that he is not allowed to know what it is. This was the dream that I had:

The Dream:

I am an old Samurai, in my late seventies or early eighties. My name is Kaji. I have lived in quiet peace for many, many years now, happily running a tea shop with my loving wife and family. I walk with limp because I have an old burn wound on the very center of my left foot which still bothers me every time I step. Suddenly, my enemy comes into my shop, ready to kill me. I (the dreamer) do not know if he is a former student of mine, or who he is, but I recognize him immediately because of the strong rivalry between us and he is young (forties, as opposed to seventies). He caused my wound many years ago in a previous battle. He strides in confidently with his sword, but I have no weapon with which to defend, because I removed all of my weapons when I “retired.” All I have is a wooden staff, which he cuts up quickly. I try to evade him, but simultaneously, I need to keep him at bay to protect my family. He attacks me with these tiny daggers – only about two or three inches long in entirety – which work like boomerangs, whirling past me, then coming back toward the back of my head. These are easy to duck away from, but little do I know that my enemy is using them to study my movements. He hurls one toward me, which I move to evade, but my movement puts me in its path back to its owner and goes through my head. I fall to my knees, dying. During my last few moments, I BEG him to at the very least bring honor to my wound by acknowledging it. Instead, to dishonor my wound, he refuses to acknowledge it by skinning the bottom of my foot. This also brings great dishonor to my family. My wife enters the room, wailing. The dream ends with my fallen soul wailing in agony over my dishonored body and the shame of my family.


One thought on “Kaji

  1. Shawn Ashley says:

    I want to offer insight… I am usually good at doing such with dreams… Because I can find something psychological to dissect.. However.. I am clueless.. I don’t know what to say… Nor can I even begin to ponder.. What meaning there is… But I do want to comment to say, I have read your post… And will continue to think about it.

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