The Hardest Week

     There are so many topics that I’ve blogged about in my head. But I never typed them up because I was never really in the mood. I wasn’t in the mood because things have been hard lately, and it’s taken me a while to get back into a place where I could really do things normally again. Everything is better now, and the Lord has really shown His handiwork throughout all of the difficulty. But for a while, the hardship just…kept…coming.

My step-father passed away a few weeks ago. We were rather close, and I find it more difficult to cope with than I ever expected it to be. In mourning, my husband and I packed up and left for Ohio to be with my family for a little while. We arrived on Wednesday night and stayed at my grandmother’s. Michael still had to work, so he left Thursday, but he got into a car accident, which rendered both the car and his right shoulder useless for a while. This meant that he was stuck in PA and I was stuck in OH. So he couldn’t work for a little while. His parents kindly brought him to the viewing Friday night. There were other frustrations and difficulties in between, but they really aren’t worth the trouble of talking about. Then Casey and Michelle got married. That’s a troublesome tale in and of itself, but I do hope things go well for them.

Some good highlights that really helped:

The car needed about $2000 worth of repairs, but we only had to pay for 500 of it.
My sister, Carolyn, loaned me some nice clothes to wear.
The Lord “caught” Michael in the car accident.
Michael was out of work, but not for very long.
Nick loaned us his car to use while the other one was being repaired.
Prior to that, my dad gave us rides everywhere we needed to go.
The Lord provided the money that we needed for the trip and the car.
Troublesome people who gave my mother a hard time are leaving her alone now.

So I guess, in the end, everything looks terrible when you’re in the midst of it, but really, it’s all alright. You just don’t know that’s all alright.