Screw You, Xanga!

Apparently, my inability to add text to anything was just a temporary glitchy deal. That’s over now and I’m utilizing my new found ability to express my disappointment with Xanga’s relaunch. Pay them? Ha! Why would I pay them money when there are free web journals that I can use? Especially since they pretty much already chased me off their site with their closing scare in the first place. No thank you. Looks like Imma just sticking with my linnealien blog henceforth.


One thought on “Screw You, Xanga!

  1. Shawn Ashley says:

    I’ve logged in a few times just to see what has been going on…. and no one’s really posted much in the past month… So to me… They raised money for nothing… Xanga died the moment it said they were going to possibly end up dead.

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