Like a Wave Returns to the Shore

Facebook isn’t good for blogging. Xanga is dead. So I shall resume my sparse blogging here.

Blogging has always been very good for me. For one thing, I have a lot to say. I could keep a pen and paper journal, but there seems to be a certain type of relief or satisfaction knowing that someone could potentially read it – even if no one actually does. For another thing, there are so many reasons why I do the things that I do that  get lost over time. It’s good to occasionally revisit them and remember, “oh yes, things were this way.” In addition, being an ESTJ (feel free to roll your eyes; I’m going to be playing around with this stuff for a good long time.) I stink at feeling within myself for my own feelings; blogging is an excellent exercise in exactly that.

Yes, I shall continue my blogging. But it will always be sparse.


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