A Dream About Grace in Time

I had a dream that I had gone back in time to my junior year of high school. I dream about my old high school very frequently, but this was different; it wasn’t about “old times” and it wasn’t me as an adult visiting the school. I had gone back in time from here and now to then and there. I didn’t know how I got there or how much time I had, so wanted to make the best of it.

I decided to use it to contact my best friend and convince her to stay away from her boyfriend (now husband). In real life, that’s exactly what the me of that time was doing. It was one of the hardest trials of our friendship. I was less than kind to her.

It got me wondering: if I really did go back in time, is that how I would use it? I couldn’t contact my former self, so it had to be something to affect someone else. I really would WANT to use it that way – to tell her to leave him and warn her of things to come. But my adult self knows her well enough to know that even with a “current” me and a “future” me combined, she wouldn’t listen. Then again, knowing myself, I would probably still try. I would probably also apologise for my own future behavior and let her know that I do eventually grow up. Still, I’m sure I would try. After all, what I said in my own dream really is true: she’s “the most important person to me from that time.”


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