Trusting God in the Face of Opposition

People don’t understand. And they aren’t ever going to understand. (That’s the generalization. The specifics will sound like I’m fretting, but I’m not; I’m just pondering.) I’m pregnant for third time in just over two years. At this point, I’ll be constantly cursed by society. It isn’t like I can explain it to them, either. It isn’t like we planned things this way, neither was it an “accident.” It isn’t even like I like doing this – I don’t enjoy being a mom! Why am I doing it, then? Because God told me to. That’s it. What kind of an explanation is that?! The truth is, I have no explanation. I have nothing to offer that will make sense to anyone. I’m locked into a position in which I HAVE to be OK with that; with being misunderstood by all people except God Himself; with HIM being sufficient for me.

It was easier to blend in with the world before. It’ll be much more difficult here on out. These kinds of distinctions will only increase as time goes on.


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