I Swear: Concern About Christian Culture

December 10th, 2015, New York City – Judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo is sworn into civil court upon a Q’uaran, not a Bible. Needless to say, this has caused quite an uproar among select patriots. Christians are particularly upset, but I’m not convinced that they should be. Maybe they should.

My thoughts on the matter are as follows: it was important enough to her to make an honest oath that she broke a mighty tradition so she could swear that oath on something that matters to her. Now that’s an oath that means something. How many non Christians have sworn empty oaths upon a Holy Book that means nothing to them? And why? Because Christians insisted on it. Christians have the tendancy to hold the rest of the world to a standard that only means something to Christians and then wonder at the disastrous results. We have got to STOP doing that. We have to stop expecting the things that are important to us to be important to the World.

I’m wondering if we should instead be upset that the Bible is ever used for oaths at all. Jesus Christ specifically said to not swear by anything, but to “simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ be ‘No'” (Matthew 5:34-37). So shouldn’t we instead be upset that the Bible is used for the very thing it says to not do? I don’t know. Maybe not. But I do know that we have to stop caring about what’s traditional or what we are taught and start caring about what’s actually written in this Book.

But we don’t care. We don’t read it ourselves. We don’t challenge our own thoughts and seek out what God really said. And that is my greatest concern for Christian culture today. This is proven in many situations. I think of one in particular: I have a friend who is a pastor. Actually, he could be a pastor; he would be a pastor – if only there was a church that would take him. The problem is that he speaks the truth and churches don’t like that. He isn’t even harsh; he speaks the truth with gentleness, peace, and love. But he still speaks the truth. It isn’t even (necessarily) painful truth; it’s very simply, “well, I know that x is what’s popular and x is what we’re used to, but Scripture says Y. I know it isn’t our tradition, but if Y is what’s actually in the Bible, then I’m going with Y.” And the church has rejected him.

I’m very concerned about our Christian culture because our Christian culture has stopped caring about truth.


One thought on “I Swear: Concern About Christian Culture

  1. Tadd Mencer says:

    I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. On one hand, if they don’t believe the Bible, they shouldn’t be swearing upon it regardless. On the other hand, I don’t now if it was a “I swear on the Bible” or a “I swear to uphold the standards of the Bible”. More I promise.

    In the end, this whole nation, not just Christiandom culturism, is a mess. We’re so use to our idols (even the object of the Bible is an idol) that it’s sad and ridiculous.

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