Abortion: What’s Really Important?

Article summary and primary pondering: which is more important? The fact that abortion is legal? Or the the fact that so many women feel like they have to abort?

I haven’t heard much about abortion and/or Roe v Wade this year, but it hasn’t escaped my attention that the anniversary of Roe v Wade is this month. As I have discussed with many of you (civally, for anyone who doesn’t already know), I am extremely pro-life. Although I have many, many pro-choice friends, with whom I’ve had many, many discussions on the issue of abortion, we’ll never really be able to agree on the matter because it boils down to a foundational belief: is this substance a human being? I believe that it is, they believe that it isn’t. No amount of arguing will be able to change that. But that isn’t my point; that was simply to provide a background for you, my reader, and a foundation for the rest of my post.

The Christian community (among others) has been fighting against the approximate 1.2 million abortions per year. This is a war that has raged on since 1973. But how are we fighting it? Mostly, in the form of protest marches and letters to our congressmen about the evils of Planned Parenthood (a tactic which drives me nuts, BTW. Feel free to message me if you really want to know why.). Basically, we’re fighting its legality. But is that really the heart of the problem? I’ve been thinking lately: which is more important? the fact that abortion is legal? or the fact that 1.2 million ladies feel like this is their only option?

And what is it that leads these ladies to this decision, anyway? Fear? I imagine it’s fear, but I don’t really know. What are they afraid of? I mean, I can understand not wanting to be a parent, but why not adopt out? I assume that it would have to do with the fear and shame of pregnancy – something that  can’t be entirely hidden. But then, that’s all just guessing; I’ve never been in that situation myself. I’ve also never been in a situation in which I would have to be afraid of my own pregnancy. My parents wouldn’t have kicked me out, my boyfriend wouldn’t have hurt me, even my schooling wouldn’t have been disrupted. So my ability to really understand is limited by my privileges. So I can only wonder…

And herein lies the value of certain church associated women’s oorganisations (such as our own local Boro Women’s Services): they provide the care that women need, free of charge, AND address the issues of their heart as well. Is she afraid? They provide encouragement, comfort, and/or connections. They look into ALL aspects of this woman’s condition and pull together all they can to provide for her needs.

Now, this isn’t a pick and choose situation. We can battle the legality of abortion AND seek to meet the deepest needs of our ladies. But if it was a pick and choose situation, I wonder what we would choose.


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