“Words Are Useless… Too Much of It, Too Much!”

I used to be much quieter than I am now. I used to get excited about finding friends to do nothing with and liked to sit in silence with them. Then I became an adult. I got all the quiet I wanted. That was nice. Now I have kids and I can’t seem to shut up (sorry, mom)! I don’t mean to be so talkative, I don’t like being so talkative; idle prattle drives me nuts to even think about. I crave the quiet – of which I have next to none now that my days are filled with Cars and persistent requests – yet I also crave my own time to spend with adults talking about adult things like politics and Christmas presents. Whenever I know that someone is coming over, my intent is to just quietly enjoy their presence. And then they show up and I can’t seem to stop my mouth from spilling out every thought I’ve ever had since high school. Maybe it’s just that I need conversation more than silence right now. Or maybe this is just part of my current developmental stage. Either way, I’d like to do less talking and more listening.


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