Assumptive Meanie Memes


I see a lot of memes like this online. They’re obviously designed to stir up contention and sort people out, weed out the closed minded, unaccepting bigots. But the problem is that it makes the problem about YOU. “What would YOU do?” it says. But it isn’t about you; it’s about HIM.

The meme is leading the assumption that he is trans and/or homosexual, but what if that ISN’T what’s going on? What if it’s more of an artistic expression – whether of self or a group that he hadn’t told me he was part of? And what’s going on that he didn’t talk to us about this before? Is he crying out for help and attention? Or does he THINK he’s trans, but isn’t sure and needs guidance? There’s a lot that could be going on here that isn’t shown.

There’s something much deeper at risk here, a much more important issue that needs to be addressed: his heart. So what would I do? I wouldn’t just assume anything; I would sit with him and seek out his heart.


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