A Dream About Being an Orphan

I dreamed last night that I was an orphan living on the street with a WHOLE BUNCH of other orphans. We were a makeshift family, we helped each other stay fed, clothed, warm, kept each other safe, spent nights together, listened to each other. Being one of the oldest (somewhere around 15-17), I often took on a parenting/leadership role. At some point, I got into a fight with one of the other kids, and I was SO ANGRY and hurt, so I ran from the group. I quickly realized that one of them was coming after me and since I was  by far the fastest, I knew he’d never catch up. I felt bad about it, so I stopped and let him catch up to me. I laid in the grass between some houses and he built a little fire. Eventually, the rest of the kids showed up to comfort me too. One day, an agent (a decent fellow) came to strike a deal with me: I could sign a paper to be adopted out and taken to a home, or I could be arrested (my character knew why, but I don’t.). My friends were encouraging me to stand my ground, run, stay with them. I told the agent that I was “offended” and “insulted” by the offer (I don’t remember why), threw the contract at him, and ran away. I spent most of the dream running and ducking the police and agents. The other kids looked out for me a lot. Then someone got caught. So we all stopped running to face the agent and rescue our friend. I was firmly telling the others, “OK, now let’s go!” But no one moved. They all looked rather chagrined. I realized then that they had all taken the deal and signed the paper. I was heartbroken and furious. I ripped up the contract and told them all to “consider it a second chance.” But I knew it didn’t matter; they were all going to leave. The dream ended with us staring at each other, heartbroken. I awoke sobbing.


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