A Person In a Jar

A person in a jar, kept on a table, with people talking, talking all around. They sit at their table, filling the air, watching their words fly freely away. They breathe with ease as their words fly free, as they talk and talk into open air. You sit in your jar, looking around, but they cannot see, see you sitting in there. You try to climb out, but the jar is sealed tight, you try to break free, you try to break free. So you then try to plead, you then try to speak, but the words cannot go, trapped with you in your jar. No one can hear you, so you start to scream, but your words fill your jar until it’s hard to breathe. Your jar and your throat are so stuffed with words that it’s hard to move, hard to push out your voice. The pressure so great, one word squeaks through the lid, and someone had heard it, they heard it, they did! “Was that a person I heard?” they ask of the others, they ask of the others, but none flicks their ear. So you keep up your screaming, though it hurts in your throat, so more words squeak out, and more words can squeak out. “I hear a voice,” someone says to the others. “I did hear a noise,” they all say to each other. “But it’s just a mouse or a bird or a clock. There is no person there, none to see, none to hear. There is no person there, there is no person there.”


2 thoughts on “A Person In a Jar

  1. I am sorry deal friend if my actions made you ever feel stuffed in a jar ignored. ❤

    • linnealien says:

      Thank you, Leah. I very much appreciate it. This was indeed written in conjunction with my post on BLM, but not in response to it. I had written this prior to your interactions with Cathi.

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