My Favorite Dreams

It’s no secret that I have dreams – lots of dreams. I have scary dreams, imaginative dreams, beautiful dreams, adventurous dreams, funny dreams. Last night, I dreamed that I was a pirate exploring a deep crag, while a few nights ago, the government performed a social experiment in which they staged an alien invasion (based on the real life incident of Orson Welles’ original release of War of the Worlds). And if you’re a friend of mine reading this, I’ve almost certainly dreamed about you at least once.

I like my dreams. I like having all those places to explore and adventures to have. But my favorite dreams are about my best friend (I have a couple of “best friends,” but right now, I’m just talking about this one.). Nothing in particular happens, and there really isn’t much to tell – which is a true reflection of real life. It isn’t memories, exactly, but a simple adaptation of my current reality. It’s very simply that I get to be with her. Those dreams are the BEST.


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