I Support Donald Trump

We have successfully elected Donald Trump as our new president!  I didn’t vote for Trump, but I do support him. He is our president-elect. And when he is sworn in, I’ll call him “Mr. President” or “President Trump.” I’ll pray for him, his family, and his leadership, just as I prayed for President Obama’s. I hope he is very successful, indeed. I hope he successfully maintains peace, upholds law, and brings about new levels of reform to protect and care for all Americans.

After all, very few people really want a president to run them into the ground. Well, there are always those that want it for the sake of being proven right, but even most of those people don’t actually want that, but simply like to stroke themselves with the idea of it, which is not at all the same thing.

At any rate, now it isn’t about Trump, for that’s already done; it’s about US. It’s about what we each, and what we all choose to do from here on out.

A lot of people fail to realize that the fear of so many isn’t about Trump, but about the message he sends into the hearts of so much of America. What many people are afraid of is not Trump, but what they’ve now seen in the hearts of their fellow man. The well has been tapped, and much rotting sludge has been spewing. The mask is off, and it turns out that the face of America is hideously ugly.

I personally know a number of specific individuals who have been experiencing increasing (in both number and severity) threats. One friend was screamed at to go back to her country (even though she was born and raised here), and another has taken to messaging me daily to let me know that she’s made it safely to/from work because of threats to her life made by her neighbors. Heck, I’ve even been getting heat for nothing more than learning and teaching my children Spanish. And then, of course, there’s what you see on social media – the protests of “liberal Millennials”, the racial slurs of “Trumpkins”. This is reality; it isn’t just something you read about, it’s in your front yard.

Please understand that these “whiny Millennials” are not crying because they lost; they’re crying for their lives. People aren’t afraid of Trump, they’re afraid for their friends, families, loved ones. In some cases, they’re afraid OF their friends, families, and loved ones.

So where do we go from here?

What am I going to do about it? I’m going to dedicate myself to following the teachings of Christ: to love the Lord with all my heart, and to love my neighbor as myself. I’m going to make friends with my neighbors and help them when I see a need. If I see someone being harassed, or even hurt, I’m going to stand up for that victim. I may call the police, or use something like this technique:


I’m going to wear a safety pin to let people know that, “Hey don’t worry about me; I’m not going to beat you up or call you names.”

Trump will do his best to make America great, but this isn’t about Trump right now; it’s about US. It’s about what WE can do to make America great. What are you going to do?


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