A Dream About A Constellation, A Woman On A Train, and White Bats

In real life, Michael and I like to drive along route 20 for as long as we can before we have to turn around to go back home. Sometimes, we’ll make little stops along the way. You have to pay attention to signage in some places on route 20, because sometimes it turns (appearing to be a street turning OFF of 20) and if you fail to turn with it, you may find yourself on an unknown street. Route 20 also frequently crosses and runs parallel to railroad tracks.

About two(ish) years ago, I had this dream:

Michael and I had been cruising along route 20, just like we sometimes do. We managed to get ever so slightly lost, due to some strange turn that we missed (just a little lost – no big deal. Route 20 is always easy to find again.) and landed ourselves in a small town. We decided to get out and take a look around.

As we were walking around in this small town, night fell very suddenly (which was immediately alarming because it was the middle of the day; even in the dream, it was not normal) and a constellation moved across the sky. The constellation was of a snake with a mouse in its mouth. Michael told me with a matter of fact, yet mildly interested tone that the snake is wearing leather armor. When the constellation finished moving across the sky, daylight returned in the same sudden manner as night had come. I was afraid because constellations do not move and night/day do not fall quickly; for God to make such a clear point of it, the message must be important and likely bad news. Yet, I didn’t know what it meant; that scared me too. But oh well. We decided to head back to the car.

We got into the car and began to move in a direction that we thought would get us back to route 20. We came upon a very large construction site on the side of the road, with many workers. We stopped and asked one of the workers for directions back to 20. He tells us to “keep going, we’ll run parallel to some RRx, curve through a tunnel, and come to an intersection. Turn right, and (we’ll) start seeing signs for route 20 from there.” OK, got it. “Oh, but one more thing,” he added, “When you get to the tunnel, please turn your headlights OFF for the sake of the workers in there.” Odd request. We wondered if we should trust it. I no longer recall if we did. Following his directions (and still not past the construction site yet), we did indeed find ourselves alongside railroad tracks and nearing a tunnel. As we approach, we saw workers coming out of the tunnel. It looked like they’d been in there for years – extremely pale, the light blinding, burning, and hurting them. “No wonder,” we thought, “No wonder we were asked to turn our lights off!”

We didn’t quite enter the tunnel, when we saw a train coming opposite us on the train track. Riding atop the engine were a man and a woman, looking extremely strong, beautiful, and evil. They appeared to be the very embodiment of power and arrogance. I cannot express enough how powerful they were. They both rode the train and were strong, but she was clearly the stronger and more powerful; he basically cowtowed to her, trusted her absolutely, and was along for the ride (and to gain power for himself) so to speak. Following on the tops of each of the cars behind them were many wild animals – beasts and predatory birds of many kinds. Each car held a different kind of animal, all behaving wildly.

When the train approached the town (or I suppose I should say “city,” since the dream itself called it that, even though it felt more like a town), the woman released the first carload of animals to attack it. They furiously attacked the city with all their might. I got the idea that they caused great devastation to the lives and properties of those outside the city; although I could not see it, I felt its weight and was heavy with grief. But to the city against which they were sent, they could do nothing. They struck it with all of their strength, but they could not damage it; they were not given permission. So they returned to the woman fruitless. Angry, she then released the next car. They too returned fruitless. Over and over again, car after car, it was the same, with each carload more fearsome than the last – they go, they furiously attack, they return void, she becomes more enraged. Finally, the last carload was sent – the most terrifying and dangerous. It was a carload of white bats. Although they were terrifying and the most powerful, they too failed. In a blinding rage, the woman began to move to attack the city herself. It was then that God came in the form of a strong wind, driving away the woman, the man, the animals, and even the train.

All was then still and at peace.


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