Tastes Like… Teen Spirit

Smells have been long known to be strongly linked to memory. I imagine flavors are similar. For many, the heavy flavor of fried food tastes like the county fair, while a friend of mine insists that soup tastes like poverty. For x, y, and z reason, these are some of my memorable flavors.

Coffee tastes like God and introspection, as do vanilla waffles. Put together, they’re ultimately divine!

That is, unless you pair coffee with bacon – then it makes me think of my great grandmother and her daughters.

Salami and bread tastes like a hot date and Borderlands, as does the smell of sawdust.

Fire grilled toast with butter tastes like camping, while a bagel with butter tastes like the warmth of friendship.

Sloppy Joes will always remind me of meeting my brother’s foster family.

Beef tips taste like something special. Not something special in particular, I just mean that they taste like specialty.

That’s all I can think of right now. What are some of yours?


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