Technological Cigarettes

Facebook is the cigarette for the modern man.
It’s just as addictive and just as toxic.
Those who use it frequently don’t REALLY want to be doing so.
But it’s convenient, easy, a chill way to keep your hands busy when you have a quick moment – instead of doing just nothing.
In reality, doing just nothing would be healthier. For that matter, doing nothing would likely be exactly what you need most.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to reality and breathe some clean air. No wait. Lemme check my feed first; it’ll just take a second…


Today Sure Showed Me!

In snow heavy, piercing cold weather, I ran. For about forty-five minutes, I ran (actually, I was not running the whole time; I paced myself pretty well.). I wasn’t trying for an exercise; I was looking for two dogs that had gotten loose and wandered into our yard. I never did find the dogs, but I did find out some things about myself.

1)  I can run! I can run way more than I thought I could! Although my cardio system is weak (else I wouldn’t have gotten what Michael called “blood lungs”), I’m in pretty good shape! I can do more than I previously gave myself credit for! This experience reminded me that I want to start to exercise regularly soon and showed me that I can do it!

2) I must have had some crappy boots and gloves as a kid. Between playing in the snow with my toddler and chasing the dogs, I was out in that blizzard for over two hours and got neither wet nor cold. As a kid, wearing three pairs of socks was a given; you knew your fingers and toes (and probably everything in between) were going to be well soaked by the time you came inside.

3) I’m a Nord. In a recent series of texts that I wrote to a friend, I said, “We have the BEST kind of snow falling! I mean, I knew it was supposed to hit this weekend, but I didn’t know what KIND of snow to expect. I don’t love snow or anything, but you know what I do love? Hot chocolate, flopping onto my back into soft powder, the satisfaction of a cold breeze after getting way too warm by dressing into a snowsuit, feeling so durable and impenetrable in the harsh chill, and – my favorite favoritest favorite of all – the satisfaction of taking off my cold, wet clothes and putting on soft, warm, dry jammies. Coincidentally, I usually play the Nord/barbarian in RPGs!” This experience highlighted the accuracy of those texts.