Today Sure Showed Me!

In snow heavy, piercing cold weather, I ran. For about forty-five minutes, I ran (actually, I was not running the whole time; I paced myself pretty well.). I wasn’t trying for an exercise; I was looking for two dogs that had gotten loose and wandered into our yard. I never did find the dogs, but I did find out some things about myself.

1)  I can run! I can run way more than I thought I could! Although my cardio system is weak (else I wouldn’t have gotten what Michael called “blood lungs”), I’m in pretty good shape! I can do more than I previously gave myself credit for! This experience reminded me that I want to start to exercise regularly soon and showed me that I can do it!

2) I must have had some crappy boots and gloves as a kid. Between playing in the snow with my toddler and chasing the dogs, I was out in that blizzard for over two hours and got neither wet nor cold. As a kid, wearing three pairs of socks was a given; you knew your fingers and toes (and probably everything in between) were going to be well soaked by the time you came inside.

3) I’m a Nord. In a recent series of texts that I wrote to a friend, I said, “We have the BEST kind of snow falling! I mean, I knew it was supposed to hit this weekend, but I didn’t know what KIND of snow to expect. I don’t love snow or anything, but you know what I do love? Hot chocolate, flopping onto my back into soft powder, the satisfaction of a cold breeze after getting way too warm by dressing into a snowsuit, feeling so durable and impenetrable in the harsh chill, and – my favorite favoritest favorite of all – the satisfaction of taking off my cold, wet clothes and putting on soft, warm, dry jammies. Coincidentally, I usually play the Nord/barbarian in RPGs!” This experience highlighted the accuracy of those texts.


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