A Thing (The World Will Never Understand)

God said to us: You trust me, don’t you?

Us: Of course! Wholeheartedly!

God: Then why are you holding back that thing?

Us: *look down at our clutching hands* Oh this? Well, uh… We trust you with this, it’s just that… You’re not really asking for it, right? 😅 … Are you?

God: You’re not really trusting me with it, right?  Are you?

Us: Oh, well… I mean, if you really want it… then um… here you go. *Nervously hands over the thing.*

The World: hey guys! How’s it going?

Us: Hey World! *High five* Life’s been great!

The World: That’s cool, that’s cool. Wha-… Where’s the thing?

Us: Cool thing about that! See, God asked for it, so we gave it to him. We’re not sure what he’s doing with it, but we’re sure that it’s gonna be awesome!

The World: Oh! OK, so you’re planning x for the thing?

Us: Well no, not exactly. It’s just that we gave it to God.

The World: Oh I see…so the thing is against your religion?

Us: No, it isn’t that; it’s more of a heart issue that lead to giving God the thing…

The World: Hm. Well good luck with that. *Walks away whistling*

Us: 😞

God: Do you still trust me?

Us: Yes.

God: Then don’t worry; I still have the thing right here and I’m taking good care of it. It’s OK that The World doesn’t understand that; The World never understood me, either.


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