Hazy Idea of Some Disney Fanfic

(Spoiler alert for Pixar’s Brave)

Although I generally have a mild distaste for fanfic, I do sometimes like to pretend that certain imaginations of my own are, in fact, part of a story’s canon. And I mean, really, who doesn’t do that?!

MULAN: This one is not my own, but I still like it. Since Disney offers no explanation – official or unofficial – for why The Great Stone Dragon didn’t wake up when Mushu rang the gong, it’s up to the fans on the internet to decide what makes the most sense. Of these, my personal favorite is that Mulan herself is The Great Stone┬áDragon already set in place to save the Fa family. Her spirit had already woken within her when she was sitting under the Dragon’s statue just before she made the decision to leave.

BRAVE: Although the film ends with Merida single and her suitors free to “win her heart before they win her hand,” she still has to pick between one of the three suitors that were presented to her. As a little refresher: MacIntosh is the handsome ass, MacGuffin is the burly shy lad who speaks only Doric, and Dingwall is the scrawny “wee lamb.” I like to pretend that Merida and MacGuffin initially take interest in each other, but her fiery spirit is too much for him and he can’t stand her. She eventually ends up with Dingwall because they find a mutual love for nature and adventuring (as could be drawn from the extra short film about Mordu) and his calm demeanor is a steady rock against the tempest of Merida’s emotions. And as it turns out, he actually is an OK archer (as is briefly shown in the scene in which the clans are scrapping and Merida strolls in like she’s the queen and brings them to peace) and I pretend that they bond over her helping him hone these skills. She’s put off by his wimpy build, but eventually grows beyond that and learns to appreciate him for his endearing qualities. It was after I made this extra storyline up that I learned that there is unofficial word from Pixar on what her choice would be. According to MacGuffin’s voice actor, she was going to announce MacGuffin as her choice until her mom signaled her to “break tradition.” MacGuffin was supposedly interested in her as well. There’s also a deleted scene in which she’s interested in him, but gets frustrated that she can’t understand him.


The Mother-Daughter Dance

There are a lot of articles out there about what to expect when raising your children. They talk about the bitter, the sweet, and the salty, giving advice to the generation that is now loaded with young parents – my generation. But all of this advice is almost always just an excuse for one parent – who happens to be a published writer – to chew over their own days of yore and talk about their own time with their little one now grown.

I do take a rather sentimental interest in those cheesy articles – comfort food for a mom’s heart. I find that I’m especially interested in the ones written by mothers about their daughters (as opposed to their sons). I don’t know why this is, considering that I have spawned both genders and take equal interest in each of them. Maybe it’s because I myself am female. Whatever the reason, it’s true.

Here’s the thing (and the point of this post): these articles are written through the lens of the reader as the mother thinking about her daughter. And as a parent, you often think about how “one of these days, you’ll understand!” But will they? Or will they simply have their own children with which they have their own sentiments, never really imagining how their own mother felt about them? I wonder how often the reader sees the article through the lens of themselves as the daughter, recognizing and appreciating the previously unnoticed background work, thoughts, and feelings of their own mothers toward themselves.

Mom, since I know that you’re one of my five(ish) readers, I’ll let you know here that I think of you a lot – both as I read mushy articles about parenting and as I raise my own daughter. I understand a lot more now. I do appreciate it. Thanks.